I admit it, I am a self help junkie

BeccaColorI have consumed all the new age blogs and books on how to be happy or manifest the life of your dreams. I have participated in many of the classes out there, always looking for that elusive breakthrough, that piece of information that would propel my life into a world of pure bliss.

What I found was that all of that money, time and desperation did absolutely nothing to bring forth the breakthrough. I was essentially missing the point. It wasn’t until I completely surrendered and let go of my attachment to what I thought my life should be that I awakened to what my life actually was. You know what? It is pretty darn good.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that my interest in self help and my immersion in that world was the catalyst for some of my major “a ha” moments.

 I am forever grateful to the many teachers, authors, coaches and mentors I have encountered along my path. Their words of wisdom and courage to speak their truth have greatly assisted me in my life path. This is the reason I feel inspired to speak my own truth so that I too can assist others to waking up to the life that they are already living. A life that is truly amazing.

I guarantee you that each and every one of you has a pretty good life. Yes, you have issues, hell I have plenty of my own. You can’t always change what is going on in your life but you can change how you feel about it.

And that is what I did, it is what I have to remind myself to do every single day. Yeah, it gets easier but it still takes work. Work that is so worth it.

Woman with Arms in the Air

In the end surrendering to the circumstances in your life is not a weakness. It is in fact very courageous. It takes amazing amounts of bravery to look at your debt and accept that this financial trouble is in fact happening to you. It takes courage to look at your relationships and accept that it’s not actually working. It takes amazing persistence to look at your negative patterns and beliefs and consciously choose to change them.


Acceptance is the first step and bravery is required but the next step is infinitely harder to grasp. The next step is faith.   Faith that your debt will be taken care of, faith that a relationship will end painlessly or move forward in love and understanding. Faith that you are making sound decisions based on what you want rather than fear. Faith is hard but once you develop that faith, you are unstoppable.


How do you find the courage to accept your circumstances?

How do you develop a strong faith when the answers aren’t written in stone?


These answers are simple but not quite easy. You first have to discover who you are and what makes you tick.

 You need to begin the process of learning to trust your inner guidance system. You need to flex your intuitive muscles so that you will know the difference between your ego voice and your higher self voice.

This is where I come in.  I want to help you discover your own inner voice.

I want you to discover the joy of waking up in the morning knowing who you are and where you are going.

I want to help you gain confidence in your day to day activities, in the choices you make and the on the roads you travel.

When we learn to accept and then surrender into faith, the results are big and they are life changing.


Official Bio


Becca Sutter received her nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She has been a student of dance and movement for over 25 years. She is on the faculty of Artistic Dance Conservatory where she teaches, ballet, Pilates, yoga and barre sculpt classes to students of all ages.

Becca studied with world renowned raw food author and teacher Alissa Cohen. She received her level 3 Living on Live Foods certification in September of 2013.  Becca also enjoys and practices Usui Reiki on her clients as well as animals and she is certified to level 2.

Currently, Becca is studying with the very accomplished astrologer Shivani Baker to expand her knowledge and understanding of Astrology. She is excited to offer Astrology as a part of her coaching practice. Astrology has given her great insight to her own purpose and life goals and she is eager to share it with her clients.